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New O&M Manuals for Offshore Wind Farm Sub-Station Deutsche Bucht

Versatec successfully developed the Operation and Maintenance Manuals for the 252 MW Deutsche Bucht Offshore Sub Station (DBUOSS). The Normally Unmanned Installation (NUI) stands in the South-Westerly part of the German Exclusive Economic Zone in the North Sea.

A total of 33 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) with a capacity of 8 MW each deliver the power through a grid of subsea cables to the OSS where the incoming 690 VAC are transformed in the first step to 33kV and secondly to 110kV. Transformation of power is conducted by means of two Medium Voltage (MV) and two High Voltage (HV) transformers. All transformers are oil cooled and naturally ventilated which saves extensive water-cooling facilities and reduces maintenance on the OSS facilities significantly.

The transformed power is transferred to the nearby BORWIN BETA platform, there the AC power is converted into DC to prevent energy losses due to resistance in the export cables during transmission to shore.

Under normal operating conditions (WTGs generating power) the OSS utilizes a fraction of the power to energize the OSS auxiliary systems (UPS, HVAC, Fuel and Water Supply, Lighting, etc).

If the WTGs are out of operation due to lack of wind or due to maintenance, two Diesel Generators of 2500kW are available to provide power to the WTGs to maintain their operability. An Auxiliary Generator power the OSS auxiliary systems until power from the grid is restored.

Extensive equipment monitoring, and control data are transmitted through a glasfiber cable network to several onshore locations of the duty holder.

The OSS can be accessed by boat (primarily) or by helicopter. Sophisticated navigation and weather observation systems allow helicopters to land on DBUOSS without the presence of a Helicopter Landing Officer onboard.