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Improved drilling for large oil & gas operator

Company profile

Oil & gas company with E&P platforms in the North Sea

The challenge

The processes of drilling wells, ensuring their integrity throughout the life cycle and abandonment were partly described in this organization. Its implementation was mainly based on experience.

The assignment to Versatec was:

  • Develop an ISO 9001 compliant Well Management System (WMS), which reflects the actual processes from design, construction (drilling), commissioning (production) to abandonment.
  • Integrate the processes and procedures of notified bodies.
  • Implement this Well Management System in the organization and supervise the associated change processes.

The Solution

  • Inventory of all existing drilling and corporate processes and associated procedures
  • Organizing and guiding short workshops to determine the relevance and which processes and procedures should be adjusted.
  • Conduct a gap analysis to determine the scope.
  • Set goals to continue building on the momentum.
  • Secure the new way of working.

By listening carefully to the needs of people on the work floor at all levels of the organization and converting this into clear and actionable actions.

The input of a high level of knowledge at both practical and theoretical level of the Versatec consultants on the work processes and interfaces.

Versatec consultants have been able to inspire confidence, are focused and have integrity, resulting in rapid acceptance, which in turn has resulted in rapid project implementation.


In a very short time, Versatec provided the customer with a Well Management system containing approximately 90 procedures for all processes. This system is now integrated with the existing processes.

Versatec has also made clear how the various Well Integrity Systems are interrelated, and in which phase the different processes and /or procedures are important.

Prior to this, not only the structure, content consistency and naming of the system were carefully considered, but also the ownership of the employees.

The high level of knowledge, the quality of the solutions, the involvement of the organization and the feeling and removal of organizational and human barriers, resulted in high customer satisfaction and a rapid implementation of the project.

In addition, a handy layout has been added to the process life-cycle system (Viewport), so the Well Management system can be used in a user-friendly and straightforward way at all levels of the organization.


The Versatec approach has resulted in a robust Well Management System:

  • ISO 9001 compliant
  • Incorporate notified body procedures and ways of working
  • Has staff support and acceptance
  • Is integrated in the work processes
  • Ensures a constant, straightforward, and efficient way of executing and controlling the drilling processes with updated and newly written procedures.