• Smart

    Versatec Energy offers Quality & Compliance services to help ensure that clients remain in control of the applicable and relevant corporate, sectoral, national/international legal and regulatory requirements to execute their operations safely.

    We help operators deploy the best practices possible while integrating HSE-related guidelines into all aspects of a facility’s processes or activities in line with their sector (e.g. Oil & Gas (O&G), Marine or Energy Industry).

  • Operational

    Versatec Energy handles all project phases of operational activities during a development’s design and construction to help complete the project.

    Our targeted methods help clients successfully change, update and improve existing facilities and their process systems. Versatec’s goal is to assure safe, efficient and continuous operations during a facility’s lifecycle.

  • Process
    Technical Safety

    The design of any facility must protect human life, prevent pollution and safeguard capital investment for the life cycle of the asset.

    Strict, complex national and international regulations apply, posing significant challenges to continuously improve HSE standards and behaviours. HSE performance is not static but requires vigorous attention at all times while executing any industrial activity.

Versatec Energy is a global technical consultancy that serves the Oil & Gas (O&G), Energy, and Marine Industries.

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Since 1983 Versatec Energy has provided support to Oil & Gas (on- & offshore), Energy, Geothermal, Wind and Marine Industries around the globe.

We are active in all phases of a facility’s lifecycle :

  • Developmental phases
  • Project completion
  • Startup
  • Handover
  • Operations
  • Modifications
  • Decommissioning
  • Abandonment

Our competent, experienced and engaged staff, in combination with our flexible and innovative solutions help to reduce project and operational risks substantially.

Versatec is a partner of Radial SG® Software Group, which provides a unique concept for integrated, interactive operating manuals as well as data gathering, combining and document publication solutions. We use the Radial SG® Viewport™ publication platform.

Our priority is to fully understand our client’s work culture and develop solid deliverables. At Versatec, we believe this is the best way to continuously improve projects, contain costs and deliver the best results.

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Versatec verlengde het IRO-lidmaatschap en woonde de Nexstep-presentatie over Hergebruik en Abandoment bij

Versatec heeft zijn lidmaatschap uitgebreid met IRO. Over IRO: IRO is de vereniging van Nederlandse leveranciers in de olie- en gasindustrie en offshore hernieuwbare industrie. Nexstep-presentatie op het IRO-evenement Op 5 juli 2018 presenteerde Nexstep hun eerste rapport tijdens het door IRO gehoste evenement in Den Haag over hergebruik en stopzetting van de Noordzee-olie- en -gasinfrastructuur. Versatec heeft dit evenement bijgewoond en ondersteunt haar klanten bij het veilig en op een optimale manier bereiken hiervan.

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