How do you prevent production downtime due to COVID contamination?

“My biggest concern at the moment is that someone infects colleagues and that production comes to a standstill”, says Stefan, plant manager in the process industry.

Despite all measures, the risk of COVID infections is a serious concern for all companies.
People tend not to adhere to the 1.5 meter distancing all the time. The 1.5 meters is much further than people think, or it is difficult to maintain during their work. The risk of infection is widespread.
In the event of an infection, it is not easy to find out who has been in contact with whom.
As a result, your colleagues can become infected, resulting in being sick or in quarantine at home. Your company critical processes, business safety and your uptime are endangered.

Following the recent national press conference in the Netherlands, it has become clear that when there are infections within your company, your company can be shut down for 14 days and all your employees must be in quarantine at home.

We have a solution to help prevent this from happening: Romware©

By providing your employees with the smart Romware© device during work, they will be immediately warned if they don't keep enough distance. In the unlikely event of an infection, you can immediately take preventive action and take measures to prevent a further outbreak with (optional) digital contact tracing covering the previous 2 weeks. This solution is in accordance with the GDPR legislation and the costs start at € 0.21 per employee per working day.

If you also want to minimize the risk of COVID contamination, contact us today!

Kind regards,
The Versatec Sales Team