Dynamic Barrier Management – BowTie

Everyone who deals with process safety is familiar with the BowTie method. The method provides a clear overview of how your Barrier management is arranged, where the risks are in the organization and which preventive and protective measures are (or can be) implemented.

One danger of the BowTie method is that it produces a static image. A change in the installation, a procedure, P&ID, SOP, or other process critical document has a direct effect on the risks in your organization and therefore on your Barrier management. Often without the organization being aware of this.

With a dynamic BowTie you immediately see the effects of a change in your installation, a procedure, drawing, P&ID in your BowTie and your Barrier management.

With every change you remain in control of your risks, the preventive and protective measures, and you can take direct targeted actions to guarantee process safety.

Viewport RISK © is a plug-in in Viewport with the BowTies of your organization with dynamic hyperlinks to the associated documents. This relates to both the documents of the risks and the barriers.

Contact us today if you also want to see immediately in your BowTies whether all data related to risks and barriers is present, up to date and complete.

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