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Do you want to stay ahead of the competition with digitizing?

Digitization is considered to be the solution for the companies in the process industry to continue to exist.

This is the theme of the 2-day LOSS PREVENTION ASIA conference in Kuala Lumpur. This year, the theme “Building Resilience through Advanced Digital Safety and Technology”, is to discuss the advancement of technology through the digitalization of process safety and integration or data analytics on future trends in managing process safety, in the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Joep Coenen and Mark van 't Zet will share our distinctive ideas on digitization, compliance and process safety with you at the LOSS PREVENTION ASIA (LPA 2019) conference in Kuala Lumpur on 25 November in a very creative way as their alter egos Captain Mark and Commander Joep:

StarCheck Part II: Dynamic Checklists

Plot summary

Join the StarCheck crew as they face their biggest challenge yet: saving the planet Kahronaspoc from grave imminent danger.

Having cleared the space debris in their previous mission, Captain Mark and Commander Joep steer their HSE Enterprise spaceship towards an uncharted piece of the galaxy in their mission to explore unknown hazardous worlds.
Upon arrival at the industrial planet Kahronaspoc, they soon find out that the HSE Management System is missing crucial features, reminding them of the process industry back on Earth as it was 50 years ago. They explain their concept of a Dynamic Checklist to the operations manager of Kahronaspoc, mr. Tom Martian, and display the ways in which the current tooling is failing on the ship’s viewport.
Soon, the crew of HSE Enterprise end up in an unexpected emergency situation…

Can they save the day using their extensive industry experience and advanced tooling?

Find out at /

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