Viewport Public Demo at SPE ATCE 2014 in Amsterdam

Versatec Energy presented a public demo of Viewport, the cross-application tool designed exclusively for Oil & Gas (O&G), Energy and Marine Industries, at the recent Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (ATCE) in Amsterdam.  By using Viewport, there has not been a quicker, more comprehensive way to document evidence of conformance or to spot gaps in your business compliance efforts.

Compatible with all commonly-used industry databases, Viewport enhances, organizes and streamlines asset-related data collections and classification processes to meet industry requirements. Viewport acts as a layer across your existing systems. Its users find the most accurate, operation-critical information instantly and support the continuous improvement cycle as the proprietary software makes it easy to provide feedback.

Already in place at a number of international O&G majors, Viewport aligns with existing work methods and promotes a single source methodology, as well as cross-disciplinary collaboration. Precise, targeted documentation from your formerly “stand-alone” locations now instantly comes together into a unified, cascading presentation format. Viewport demonstrates direct results by increasing company knowledge, mitigating risks and allows for better decision-making. Your Return on Investment can be realized between 12 to 18 months. To provide transparent access to data and information, boost your performance and ensure your plant integrity: Viewport.