VERSATEC is leading the commissioning at the Borssele Wind Farm Project

September 2018

HSM Offshore and IvOG are engineering and constructing 2 offshore platforms for TenneT in the North Sea, each with 700 MW capacity for offshore wind energy. Versatec is leading the project completion and commissioning activities. Both Borssele platforms are under construction.

The Borssele Wind farm development exists of two Offshore High Voltage Substations (OHVS) platforms in the North Sea, each with a capacity of 700 megawatts (MW). The two OSVS will have two 220 kV alternating current cables. A new transformer station and a high voltage station are located onshore, where wind energy from the sea will be connected to the Dutch electricity network. The receiving transformer station will be built on the terrain directly next to the existing high-voltage power plant in Borssele. The two connections from Borssele offshore network will have a joint capacity of 1400 MW produced energy which is about the total annual consumption of 1.4 million Dutch households. The Borssele Wind farm will start delivering electricity in 2019.

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