Versatec Completes Etzel Gas Storage Commissioning Project

A Statoil executive praised the successful commissioning execution done by Versatec Energy and IV Oil & Gas for the Etzel Gas Lager (EGL) Gas Quality Improvement Project in Germany. He also pointed out that this project was rated, in terms of its Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), as one of the top three Statoil projects executed over the past 15 years.

Versatec was responsible for the installation’s Mechanical Completion, Commissioning, Startup and Handover of the improved facility. IV Oil & Gas, the project’s EPC contractor, had requested that Versatec support the completion process of the new installation for IV’s construction division.  An Adsorber System was installed to remove water and heavy Hydrocarbons in the withdrawal gas so that EGL can export gas at maximum capacity. This was a “fast-track” project since the facility had to be expanded before Winter 2014.  Throughout this project, the EGL had to be able to function continuously in operational mode.