Quality & Compliance

Versatec Energy offers Quality & Compliance services to help ensure that clients remain in control of the applicable and relevant corporate, sectoral, national/international legal and regulatory requirements to execute their operations safely. We help operators deploy the best practices possible while integrating HSE-related guidelines into all aspects of a facility’s processes or activities in line with their sector (e.g. Oil & Gas (O&G), Marine or Energy Industry). This can be supplied at the design, construction, operational and/or abandonment phase of  high-capital intensive projects.

Examples of our Quality & Compliance services for clients:

  • Perform Audits and Reviews: Project, Environmental, Health, Safety, or Technical reviews (of new designs or at existing installations).
  • Execute dedicated HSE-assessment and identification exercises such as HAZOPs, HAZIDs, Bow-Ties, SIL, Incident Investigations.
  • Conduct miscellaneous reviews or inspections regarding Change Management activities, Due Diligence exercises and Certification processes.
  • Advise on compliance with Regulatory developments at both national (e.g. acts, regulations, instructions by competent authorities) and international level (e.g. EU/ Directives), or at relevant institutions (such as IADC, IMO, ISO, SPE).
  • Provide ‘ad-hoc’, streamlined Quality & Compliance consulting for dedicated tasks (e.g. permitting, standardisation, business strategy, etc.).

Contact us at: info@versatec.nl or by phone at +31-348-437460 for more information.