Integrated Operating Manual (IOM)

Versatec Energy has teamed up with Radial SG to provide the Viewport™ solution for building an integrated operating manual. Document and data searches for the right brownfield/greenfield asset information now take minutes instead of hours with the instant, intuitive interface and its clickable links. Viewport™ does all the searching, sifting, organising and converting beforehand using smart automated processing. Web-enabled technologies ensure access to data from a wide range of mobile devices, laptops and workstations. In process industry operations this means that everyone can be sure they all are viewing the latest approved (or as built) version of drawings, documents and data.

Intelligent interfacing among manuals, P&ID drawings, vendor data and other source information lets clients expand knowledge across their entire company. The Viewport™ Operations solution is the ideal way to publish and distribute complex technical information for a diverse group of end-users.

Key features include:

  • Highlighted, rapid linking technology and multilayered levels of integration to easily extract information stored across different data sources in various disciplines
  • Flexible, automatic document cross-referencing to locate tag numbers (or equipment codes), file names and drawing numbers
  • Quick Tag Number Search functions linking documents and drawings, with a guideword index for speedy access to specific engineering / operating data
  • Easy to use and update (no training needed) and view (Hyperview technology)