Operational Assurance

Versatec Energy handles all project phases of operational activities during a development’s design and construction to help complete the project. Our targeted methods help clients successfully change, update and improve existing facilities and their process systems. Versatec’s goal is to assure safe, efficient and continuous operations during a facility’s lifecycle.

We provide in-house maintenance & reliability knowledge and capacities to perform the complete cycle from developing the maintenance concept to implementing a fully operational Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS).  We also facilitate and support clients’ teams to develop their own maintenance & asset management structure. Versatec’s in-house reliability studies use notable methods (RCM, RCM II, FME(C)A, etc.) applying the latest software tools.

Examples of our Operational Assurance services for clients:

  • Offshore/onshore operations management and control through entire project
  • Mechanical Completion (MC) survey, commissioning, installation and hook-up support
  • Assigning Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to the client project team as required
  • Startup assistance
  • Operating Manuals and Procedures for all process and utility facilities
  • Maintenance Instructions
  • Classroom Operator Training
  • De-manning and optimisation studies

Contact us at: info@versatec.nl or by phone at +31-348-437460 for more information.