Maintenance gains more value from mobile solutions

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DONG Energy will get a greater return from its maintenance programs with chip scanning, which provides greater security and more uptime.

The pluses are piling up as DONG Energy evaluates the preliminary five years of use of mobile platforms for inspection and maintenance:

Increased flexibility, better oversight and planning, significant quality improvements, and lower operating costs are among the big gains from using maintenance software specifically developed for mobile platforms.

“Overall, we see a solution that increases security and uptime. And there is nothing that is more important to us,” says Henrik Arildsen, Electrical Engineer at DONG Energy.

Put simply, the mobile solution removes pencil and paper from Ex-inspection and maintenance. Instead, it uses a tablet and small digital dog tags – the so-called RFID chips.

Previously, the engineers took printed schedules to inspections, ticked boxes, and noted findings – sometimes with more detailed descriptions in notebooks – along the way. Back in the office the technicians entered their notes into a maintenance schedule on the computer.

“It was an administratively tedious and slow task, which also has a high risk of error,” says Lars Christiansen, SAP Business Process Manager for DONG Energy.

Big data features

Since 2012, DONG Energy inspections been hooked up to the mobile system. It has given the inspections more quality and value, says Henrik Arildsen:

“We saw it primarily as a way of saving time, but it has proven to be much more than that. First of all, it has increased the quality of our maintenance records significantly. Instead of a technician’s notes, we can now see photographic documentation from the site, which shows precisely what’s going on,” he reports.

“And we now have a consistent product with comparable data. It makes inspections more valuable because it contributes to an overview that makes scheduling much better. It enhances our process safety and increases uptime,” he explains.

The uniform inspection reports are one of the things that make it possible to run a big data trawl through the inspections. An option that they did not have previously:

“We collect the same information that we have always collected – but we’ve acquired far more uses for the data, because it is easier to search on a tablet than in 5,000 pages of hard copy,” says Lars Christiansen.

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